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Samsung Release Recap

On February 20th, Samsung held a release event for upcoming products. I was hoping to find more information on the Samsung Home smart speaker, but I’ll have to wait on that for a little while longer.

Samsung did, however, release a large line of new products. These include phones, smart watches, and earbuds. I’ll be covering my thoughts on the released products here.

Galaxy S10

In what has now become an annual release, the newest Galaxy S line of devices was introduced with four phones: S10 ($899), S10+ ($999), S10e ($749), and S10 5G.

The S10 and S10+ have made industry standard improvements on the S9 and earlier, but there’s no groundbreaking innovations with these two.

The S10e appears to come in with a good baseline of specifications that makes the pricepoint look like a good value. The S10 5G will feature a HUGE 6.7 inch screen and will also, as the name states, support 5G.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

When this phone was just a rumor months ago, it sounded like a crazy concept. Now that the Galaxy Fold ($1980) has been announced, that feeling really hasn’t changed much.

The phone starts with a 4.6 inch display that can be unfolded into a 7.3 inch tablet-style display. The concept is very enticing and exciting – it’s not so often that we see innovation of this magnitude. Unfortunately, the price point of this phone will keep me away from even considering this product.

Galaxy Buds, Galaxy Watch Active, and Galaxy Fit

In recent years, we’ve become overrun with wireless ear buds and smart watch products. There’s nothing about the newly announced devices that make them stand out from the rest of their competitors.

What is your opinion on the Samsung releases? Leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter to tell me your thoughts!

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