Multi-Room Audio – A Google Home Feature

One of the best features about having Google Home-enabled smart speakers throughout your house is multi-room audio. The ability to play the same audio throughout your house in a synchronized fashion really adds an extra element of luxury to your home.

Amazon and Google Call a Cease-Fire

Thankfully – and finally – Amazon and Google have called a truce. In December of 2017, Amazon made things very serious in their spat with Google and removed the YouTube app from all Fire TV devices. This came after months of other shots fired, including: YouTube pulling programming from the Echo Show Amazon removing Nest products from it’s market place…

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Amazon Is Listening To You!

On Wednesday, April 10th, Bloomberg released a report confirming what we all knew was happening – but maybe not to this level. Amazon is listening to you! Amazon is paying thousands of people to listen into end users conversations with Echo smart speakers. The reasoning behind this is for the development of the smart assistant technology. Employees listen to conversations…

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