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Product Announcements: Apple TV+, Samsung S10 Ultimate, and Google Stadia

The home tech market is an ever-changing and always improving place. In recent weeks, a few new product announcements have happened. Some, like Google Stadia – look promising and exciting. Others are being released into a crowded market and will need to make a difference to survive.

Apple TV+

The people at Apple brought out all the bells and whistles to introduce us to Apple TV+ – they even had Oprah on stage! Apple TV+ will be a new streaming service out there to compete with the likes of Hulu Plus, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DirecTV Now, and PlayStation Vue. The advertising for this is heavy with original content, including content from the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg. Because it will be released this fall, with no pricing advertised at this time.

Samsung S10 5G

This phone has been discussed previously, but now finally has a price tag and release date. The Samsung S10 5G will be released on April 5th in South Korea. South Korea has been the first country to roll out a 5G network nationwide, and will be the first country to have access to Samsung’s flagship 5G phone. Pricing for this phone will start at $1231.

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Google Stadia

Google Stadia is possibly one of Google’s most innovative products in some time. Stadia is advertised as a whole new cloud-based gaming system without the need to purchase any hardware, besides a controller. Games can be played on an Android phone, in the Chrome web browser, or on televisions with a Chromecast dongle. A release date and pricing has yet to be announced.

Of the three – I’m the most excited about the Google Stadia release. It’s very innovative – definitely liable to crash and burn – but if it works out, it will change the gaming industry forever. Apple TV+ and the Samsung S10 5G are both exciting products, but enter crowded markets and will have to do a lot to stand out.

Which of these product announcements is your favorite? Reach out to me on the social networks at let me know!

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