Setup Guide: Chromecast

One of Google’s greatest gifts to us is the Chromecast. Long before the concept of a smart home became popular, Google offered a the Chomecast. This device, a HDMI dongle, gives the ability to send video from a mobile device or Chrome browser to a television.

Alexa Guard Feature Overview

This week, Amazon released announced and released Alexa Guard to it’s line of smart speakers. Alexa Guard is a feature that is offered to help protect your home when you are away. It is triggered by saying “Alexa, I’m leaving.” Here are the features that Alexa Guard offers. Smart Alerts With Smart Alerts, Alexa will be listening to sounds that…

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Android Auto Feature Overview

One of the best uses of the Android operating system is Android Auto. Many car manufacturers offer in-car apps that allow you to use and control Android Auto on a vehicle’s console display. If your car doesn’t support that, this app can also be run on any Android phone, including the new Pixel 3A. I’ll go over a few of…

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Google I/O Event Recap

On May 7th – 9th, 2019, Google held their annual conference, Google I/O. Of the many things that go on at this conference, the most interesting to us is product announcements. Here are a few that stand out.

New Features For Google Home

Google continues to bring brand new innovations to it’s smart home speakers and other Google Assistant products. Some innovations are more usable and applicable then others – but all the same, Google’s consistent ability to innovate always leaves users impressed.