Android Auto Feature Overview

One of the best uses of the Android operating system is Android Auto. Many car manufacturers offer in-car apps that allow you to use and control Android Auto on a vehicle’s console display. If your car doesn’t support that, this app can also be run on any Android phone, including the new Pixel 3A. I’ll go over a few of the features offered through Android Auto that I appreciate the most.

Quick Access to the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant has shown intellectual development year after year. Having the Assistant at your command while you are driving is one of the best ways to take advantage of it. You can ask the Assistant about the weather, the hours of a restaurant, or anything else you may need to know.

Google Maps Navigation

Having a great navigation system in your car is essential. Many cars offer an integrated navigation system, but they often don’t offer the reliability of Google Maps. Google Maps offers features like traffic reports and map updates – something that integrated navigation systems do not. Navigating from your phone if often more ideal then from your cars navigation system.

The Android Auto app allows easy access to Google Maps via a few touches or Google Assistant commands. Vehicles that support running the Android Auto app through the console display provide the best experience for navigation via Google Maps.

Audio Entertainment Access

Almost every driver takes advantage of their time in the car to enjoy audio entertainment. The Android Auto app offers easy access to your audio apps through it’s interface.

You can ask the Google Assistant to play a specific song, album or artist via whichever music app you subscribe to. Additionally, you can use the touch interface to pull up your playlists and recently played selections. You can also access radio, audio book, and podcast apps as well.

Have you ever used Android Auto? How has your experience been? Reach out to me and let me know!

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