Smart Displays: An Overview

The two leaders in the smart display game – Amazon and Google. Amazon has one product out on the market, the Echo Show. The Google Display interface is available on a few different smart displays made by different manufacturers. Here’s a breakdown of the similarities between the two.

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Amazon Echo Show

Amazon has one display available on the market – the Echo Show. The Echo Show is 10.1 inches in diameter. This is as large as any other smart display available on the market today. It’s available in two colors – charcoal and sandstone.  The front of the device is all display, with the speakers hidden in the back.

Music is streamed from Apple Music, Spotify,  Amazon Music, Pandora, and more. TV shows are streamed from Hulu and Amazon Prime video, as well as live video from Hulu Live. Users can use the Skype app for making video calls to family and friends.

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Google Nest Smart Displays

Google has, relatively speaking, a large line of smart display products. Lenovo has released two – one 8′ and one 10′ in size. Google has released two of their own, the Nest Home Hub and Home Hub Max – also at 8′ and 10′,  respectively.  JBL has created the Link View as well, also at 8′.

All of these displays have the same Google Smart Display interface. These displays can play music from Spotify, YouTube Music, Google Music, Pandora, and more. YouTube and YouTube TV can be used for watching videos and live TV as well.

The displays also have an embedded Chromecast in them as well, so most other cast-friendly apps can be used for music and video from your mobile device as well. The Smart Displays can also be added as a speaker in your Google Home speaker groups.

Some of the Google smart displays have a camera as well. These can be used to call other users with the Google Duo app.

Both of these devices are great. I love my Lenovo 8′ Smart Display, and it fits into my home Google environment very nicely. Each of these displays do even more then have been laid out here, including easy displays of recipes and video links to home security cameras. 

Have you used a smart display? If you have, please let me know and tell me about your experiences with them!


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