Zmodo Outdoor Cameras: A Product Overview

There are so many different security cameras on the market today. The pricing starts very low, around $30 per camera, and goes as high as $200+ per camera. So where do we find a camera that is both affordable, and effective? I was able to find both affordability and effectivity in Zmodo 720P HD Outdoor IP sPOE Network Camera.

The Good

The price. With this camera currently retailing on Amazon at $38.99, it is very affordable.

The interface. Zmodo offers a user friendly mobile app that works with iOS and Android devices, and pushes alerts when motion is detected. An easy-to-use web interface is available, as well.

Google and Alexa compatibility. When I went looking for a security camera, I wanted one that not only interfaced with my Google Home equipment, but one that was feature-rich. Users can ask the Google Assistant to display live video to any Google display or Chromecast device, and live video appears within 5 seconds.

The Bad

No Audio. Many of the higher-end cameras on the market offer one-way or two-way audio. This camera only offers video – audio is not available.

Cloud Pricing. After a 30-day trial, users must subscribe to Zmodo’s cloud service for any video other then the past 24 hours of detected motion. Currently, cloud pricing starts at $10 per month.

Picture Quality. While the video quality isn’t bad for the price, 720p is certainly on the low end of image standards.

The Bottom Line

Is this the best camera on the market? No, it’s not. Is it the best value on the market? It’s certainly in the discussion. If you are looking for an IP-based outdoor security camera solution that doesn’t break the bank, the Zmodo 720P HD Outdoor IP sPOE Network Camera is a great option. This camera hasn’t let me down, and I don’t think it will let you down either.

I am a husband, father, and tech enthusiast living in Saratoga County, New York. I have spent the past 10 years (and counting!) honing my technical skills traveling the United States as a technical specialist for a software company out of Albany, NY. In addition to that, I've spent the past two and a half years implementing affordable smart home solutions in my home.

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