Smart Home Tech for Parents

We’re always looking for ways for smart home technology to improve our lives. One area that I think that smart tech can bring value to is the world of parenting. Here are a few product categories to look into if you are interested in smart home tech for parents.

Baby Monitors

Baby monitors have been around for a long time. Smart tech is bringing new life to them! You can use wireless indoor cameras to keep an eye on your child when they are sleeping from your mobile device and get alerts when they cry or make motion. This works great when you are out of town and have a babysitter at home.

Smart Displays

Screen time for your kids is a controversial topic, and I’m not here to swing you one way or the other on that. I’m going to use a personal example for this one. In our home, the smart display in our kitchen has become a great learning tool for our child. She is able to watch educational videos on YouTube while we as parents are able to tackle household kitchen chores at the same time.

Smart Speakers

Did you know that smart speakers offer more to us than a place to have conversations with the Google Assistant or Alexa? I’m sure you did, but the benefits here are awesome. You can ask your smart speaker to tell you a bedtime story, play lullabies, or even act as a noise machine, playing calming sounds or just white noise.

What smart home tech for parents works best for you? We want to know! Let us know how you’ve used smart technology to make your life as a parent easier.

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